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General: Savings Tips

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  • What are some of your best savings tips?
    Craig Jun 24th 2009  
  • On a shopping spree, always delay your purchase by a day when you feel the urge to buy anything , at the end of the day you may decide you can do without it.
    Nancy Jul 7th 2009  
  • Remove excess weight from the car, you will save on fuel.
    Nancy Jul 7th 2009  
  • @Nancy That's a great tip. Impulse buys can be a killer and can really add up to a lot of money. Great advice to step back wait a little bit and then see if it's something you really want or not. Most of the times you'll back off.
    Craig Jul 10th 2009  
  • Offline , i bring a small notebook , 1/4 size with me and write down my expenses, income and other important info during the day . I used to write them down in my iphone but my phone has expired lol. You can write them down too in any phone app you have, as long as it can create long memos.

    Then transfer all the details to BP when you get home, and analyze.
    blue2x Oct 27th 2009  
  • @Blue2x Having a phone app (iphone app) is something we are looking into in the future.
    Craig Oct 29th 2009  

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