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General: Summer Activities

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  • What are some fun frugal summer activities you plan on going?
    Craig Jun 24th 2009  
  • I would like to take my kids to some nice swimming pool. Some pools changes very less on summer pass instead of individual entries. In my area, they change $8 for individual entry. But for 5 months, they charge $220 for whole family. My kids love to go to pool every week. The family pass will save around $300 to $400 for the whole summer.
    Martin Jul 1st 2009  
  • @Martin I agree, if you are going to use it, it pays to get the seasonal pass. I used to do that for the beach back when I lived in NY. I love doing things outdoors, and there are so many activities to do outdoors for free or for cheap that are enjoyable. I recently went kayaking for not a lot and loved it.
    Craig Jul 1st 2009  

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