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General: Saving Goals

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  • What are some goals you are trying to save up for? Whether it be a car, ipod, vacation, etc...
    Craig Jun 24th 2009 edited  
  • My goal is to buy a ipod and I can save only on small amounts , can you guide me how I can achieve my goal
    Nancy Jul 7th 2009  
  • @Nancy Set aside a separate account or even an envelope you can use to save up money for your ipod. Budget how much you can afford to save towards your goal each month and make sure you contribute. It will slowly grow over time to the point where you will be able to pay in cash for your ipod. When that day comes, you will be so happy with how you went about saving for your ipod you will be glad to finally buy it and pay in full. The continued savings is a great motivation builder.
    Craig Jul 10th 2009  
  • my goal is to save enough money to be put in my banks, by next year when i reach that goal , the next income I will receive i will put it a separate account. I always dreamed of investing money in the past but I was not ready yet , im planning to put some of my money into UTF's , Mutual Funds , or Stock Trading. Who knows my cash would increase in value =)
    blue2x Oct 26th 2009  
  • @Blue2x That is a great goal. Planning on investing for the long term is very smart. There is no quick rich way with investing so do your research properly and plan for the future as much as possible.
    Craig Oct 26th 2009  

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