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General: Reducing Debt

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  • What are some of your best tips for reducing debt?
    Craig Jun 24th 2009  
  • Make sure you pay the minimum amount due always
    chris Jul 7th 2009  
  • Trying looking for a second job, to earn something extra , it will always be a help
    chris Jul 7th 2009  
  • @Chris Although paying the minimum can get you buy, I would not recommend this strategy. It will actually increase the amount of debt you have and you will end up paying more in interest rates over time. Pay as much as you can afford off your credit card bill if not the entire bill.
    Craig Jul 10th 2009  
  • I agree, getting a second job is a great way to build your income to add to savings or firstly to pay off any debt you have. Whether a raise or second job, and increase in income will help a ton.
    Craig Jul 10th 2009  
  • How can I set up my liabilities to reflect their respective interest rates? Say I have a credit card debt of $6000. I put it in my liabilities category. Then I set up a recurring payment of $200 against that liability. But that only pays off some of the principle. How do I take the interest into account?

    My goal is to make a payment regularly, and to see the number reduce each month in that liability category, but one that reduces accurately to reflect what I actually owe. Can I do that?
    secretwave101@gmail. Sep 29th 2009  
  • @secretwave I am sorry, but right now there is no way to reflect the interest rate with the recur option. You may want to manually input the payment each month with the interest rate to get a better idea, but that may be more of a hassle. What I would recommend is when you make a payment, leave a note. This way you can remind yourself of the interest rate and how it reflects the payments.
    Craig Sep 30th 2009  
  • save money and not spend too much , so u wont have debts
    blue2x Oct 26th 2009  
  • @Blue2x Agree, always spend less than you earn.
    Craig Oct 26th 2009  

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