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General: BudgetPulse Site Suggestions

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  • Please feel free to leave any site suggestions here or contact me at [email protected].
    Craig Jun 24th 2009  
  • I really like the changes to BudgetPulse. It is so much easier to use. I gave up on trying to figure out how to do budgeting in the old version. I figured out the new version's budgeting very quickly.

    Is there a way to do a future cash flow scenarios and cash flow reviews (similar to the one in MS Money)?

    pencils2 Jun 25th 2009  
  • @Marj

    Thanks for the kind words about the site and I am very glad to hear that the new site makes budgeting so much easier for you.

    This is one thing we are looking into. We would like to set up future cash flow scenarios. Email me at [email protected] with more specifics about how you would like this function to work and I will speak with the team about it for a future release.

    Craig Jun 25th 2009  
  • The summary reports in the old site were great. Do you have any idea of bringing them back?
    Martin Jul 1st 2009  
  • It is good to have rollover budget. Whatever I left off in my previous month budget should be added to the next month budget amount.
    Martin Jul 1st 2009  
  • The old site’s calendar shows the account balance and the new site shows the transaction info. Is there any way to see the account balances too?
    Martin Jul 1st 2009  
  • Today I was re-categorizing some recent transactions to make them easier to track. I selected the "previous 3 months" option, and organized the view by Category. Every time I saved changes to one transaction's category, the view was automatically set again to Date. It seems like something small, but it would be nice if your last selected option was kept. :)

    Anyway, wonderful site. Just started using it again after a hiatus of many months, and I'm pleased with the changes! Great work!
    Camis Jul 1st 2009  
  • @Martin A lot of users have requested the summary page to return since it provided a lot of value to users. Due to the requests we are currently working on bringing it back now. We are working on formatting it to the new site. It will be slightly different though. We are going to change the Charts page to Trends. We are going to include a summary link here so a user can have the option of looking at charts or the summary giving them more ways to analyze their data.

    I understand what you are saying with the rollover, but the tool is designed to strictly work on a monthly basis. The time frame would be skewed with rollovers and there could be issues this way for people who do not want this. Thanks for the suggestion.

    We are going to be working on tweaking the calendar over time and this is one thing we are going to see if we can the account balance.
    Craig Jul 1st 2009  
  • @Camis Thank you for the kind words about the new site and I am very glad to hear that you are back.

    We are working on tweaking this now for an updated release that should be out in a week or two to allow the settings to remain the same after a user changes them and makes edits and saves them.
    Craig Jul 1st 2009  
  • We started with Budgetpulse on January 1st this year. I saw the site on the news in a colombian Channel. Let me say you that it's very easy to use. New site offers grat features, but we are missing the sumary too much. Right now the link is available but it's not working fine. It doesn't group the descriptions as before.

    Again, congrats for the job. Great site!
    felipeangelg Jul 15th 2009  
  • @felipeangelg Thanks for the kinds words about the new site. We are going to work on improving the new summary format. We are thinking about grouping it with categories and tags (sub-categories) because now that is an option of how to group. And not group by description.
    Craig Jul 16th 2009  
  • Building on the other comments, one feature that would make the software perfect would be a rolling cash flow during the month rather than just showing the end point, so that I can see where any particular account will be on any day within a given month, to make sre I keep all accounts in the black and avoid bank charges.

    Is this possible and I am just missing it.


    Davy Aug 8th 2009  
  • @Davy I will talk to the team about this and if it can technically be implemented. We are working on our savings goal function and next release now, but this is something we will research to see if we could implement for the future. Thank you for the suggestion, and please let me know if you have any others.
    Craig Aug 11th 2009  
  • I was initially assuming that the Assets portion will work somewhat similar to accounts i.e. you are allowed to input transactions - but it will have specific data entries for e.g. equities will have price bought, sold, commission etc was kinda disappointed to see it only allows for the input of the field of current & future value..

    Also, it will be good to be able to set recurring transfer rather than requiring to set it up individually in the 2 accounts that the transfer is happening regularly.

    Other than that, I like the whole interface & the rest of the features - highly intuitive with good charting option but will probably put my plans to migrate my stuff here till the above 2 is available (if there is a possibility) :)
    oofman Aug 11th 2009  
  • @oofman Thanks for the feedback. Right now we wanted to keep the Assets/Liabilities section more basic to see if there was an interest in developing it more. This is something we may look into for the future, as well as setting up recurring transfer to the Assets, as well as being able to Transfer from checking to Assets.

    Thanks for the kind words about the site, hope you find the value in the software for your needs. I appreciate the feedback.
    Craig Aug 12th 2009  
  • Some of my expenses occur quaterly or seminannually, but I would like to accrue a set aside in each month's budget. I do not see any functionality for that, am I wrong?
    Iowan Sep 5th 2009  
  • @Iowan If my understanding is correct, you would like to set a savings goals for these budget categories so you can accrue money each month so you know you will have enough to pay for the bill when the time comes? If that's is what you are referring to, get excited for our next release. We are going to releasing a savings goal function specifically like that.
    Craig Sep 9th 2009  
  • Hi, I'm a budgetpulse user since january of this yeear and I think that BudgetPulse is a great software.

    I suggest a mobile interface to access this software from any web browser on a mobile device, important issues are requeried in this interface such:
    * Add a transaction
    * Account Balance
    * Upcoming transactions
    * And important charts

    Thanks for your help
    luisjoseb Oct 21st 2009  
  • @Luisjoseb, Thanks for the great suggestion. We will look into it.

    BudgetPulse Team
    Madhurima Oct 22nd 2009  
  • Hi,

    I was one of the early adopters to budget Pulse and it was surely a convenient way. In between i lost touch with it and now i have data dated more than a year ago. I want to restart by resetting all the old information. Could have signed to a new account but want to retain my login information intact. Could you tell me the way. This is actually making it a deterrent to start budgeting onca again. Any suggestions.
    suprabhatv Oct 24th 2009  
  • i was wondering if we could use multiple currencies in accounts, where the value is automatically generated.
    blue2x Oct 26th 2009  
  • Hello @suprabhatv,

    I passed trough the same situation as you and the solution I found for reseting the data was deleting the accounts and creating them again.

    rafaelfe Oct 26th 2009  
  • @Blue2x Right now multiple currencies cannot be used in one account, although this is something we are looking into for the future.
    Craig Oct 26th 2009  
  • @Suprabhatv Like Rafaelfe mentioned, removing all of your accounts and starting over by either importing all your data or by manually adding all your data would be the best way for you to get back on track with your budgeting.
    Craig Oct 26th 2009  
  • a.) I was wondering if you guys could make another account category, like Investment or some option to put Others ( then we type the name ). Like for example I have a small networking business, income generated is not deposited in my bank accounts directly, i use it to purchase future products, and save the profits in one of my banks.

    b.) Sticky note , a small notepad like the layout of the calendar where we can right our thoughts =)

    c.) Ability to see the items in the Assets in the dashboard. Maybe an option to view or unview , just like the include and exclude in the network function.

    d.) For viewing Accounts , can we use a pie chart view instead of the line graph, I think the pie chart view is really effective , in my opinion =)

    And a pie chart showing the contents of our networth , the charts only show the network of the transactions.

    e.) The Budgetpulse logo , i really like the mark and type, it fits well. But I find the slogan placement , very odd, can we put it to the right of the Budgetpulse text ? The logo symbol , logo text, and slogan all centered vertically ?

    Thanks for hearing me out =) happy budgetpulsing guys !
    blue2x Oct 27th 2009  
  • @blue2x Thanks for the suggestions, once we get the new site released we will look at these and see how they can fit with the next release we will get started on right away.
    Craig Oct 27th 2009  
  • Great, awesome site. I've used it now for 1 year and LOVE it. I have 2 suggestions, 1 harder one and 1 easier one. Hard one would be to have a future cashflow balance in a line graph by day/week based on budget and current balance. Easy one would be to have a correct subtotal anytime I do a search for something. (i.e. if I currently do a search for "amoco" and select a date range, I get a correct list of all my amoco trxns, but the total income and total expense at the bottom of the list just shows $0.00.
    Thanks again for all that you do and HAVE done!
    hazother1 Jul 13th 2010  
  • Hi Criag,

    Because the use of this website since January 2009, My wife and I were able to buy a new home. we were able to save more money month by month. We were traying to include the cost of our new house in the assets, but we saw that the limit for this numbers are 99'999.999.00 and our home costs 150'000.000.00. We live in Colombia were a CocaCola costs 2.500 pesos, therefore you can imagine the number of ceros we use when we talk about of money. Is it possible to extend the digits of the numbers we use in budgetpulse?

    Please let me thank you again for this great website.
    felipeangelg Aug 21st 2010  

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