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Add a Transaction - Split

Split transactions are those larger transactions that are divided into specifics for better tracking and analysis. For example, you may shop at one of those large box stores and decide to buy a case of oil and an oil filter for your car while also getting dog food, eggs and milk. In that instance, you will probably want to split the supplies for your car away from the groceries. You may even want to segment out the pet food as a separate transaction category. The intent is to be able to understand where the money is going while efficiently tracking costs.

To split a transaction, you have two options:

  • Click the Split transaction link in the Add New Transaction page, or
  • Click the Split icon below transactions listed in the Transaction Summary View.

Regardless of your method of arriving at this action, you will perform the same basic steps to split a transaction.

Use these steps.

  1. Type a category. (This field is optional; see tips.)
  2. Type the amount of each split category in the Amount fields. Depending on how many categories the transaction is divided into, add an amount for each. Calculations will be performed for subsequent categories to reach the total amount.
  3. To add additional categories, click Add Item to add a new row and continue with the category and corresponding amount.
  4. When you reach the total amount, click the minus sign to remove any empty rows from the expected calculations.
  5. Click Submit & Done if you are finished, or Submit & Add Another to add another transaction.


Categories acts as identifying tags and you can create multiple categories useful to your own budgeting purposes. When splitting a transaction, the category is considered a child category of the category provided in the Add New Transaction page. When the field is left empty, that split transaction is considered "uncategorized".

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