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Save for a vacation.


We all want our dream vacation, but we don't often budget for it. BudgetPulse can change that. Saving for vacations should be a part of every household budget. Whether in a secure or shaky financial environment, most wage earners work hard and what happens if you don't budget for the vacation? We end up putting it on our credit cards, and therefore paying interest on the fun we had long after the fun is over.

Save for your dream vacation instead of paying for it over and over again.

Set aside that little extra

Don't forget to budget for vacations. With BudgetPulse's easy categorization of expenses, you can quickly find out where you are spending now - and decide how to cut back. By some estimates, Americans spend over 7$ a day on their favorite coffee drink before they arrive at their jobs. If you brewed your coffee at home and took a thermos to work each day instead, you could put that daily amount into a savings account instead. Taking leftovers or a sandwich to lunch a few times a week can put even more into your vacation savings.

If all of this sounds like not much money, take a minute to add it up. Taking our coffee example and multiplying it by 52 weeks a year, with 5 working days each week means a total savings of $1,820.00 each year! If you take a hard look at the discretionary expenses and set that money aside each day instead, you'd have a fat vacation fund in no time. Now, wouldn't you rather spend that money on a new swimsuit for your diving lessons at some exotic locale instead?

The details really do count

BudgetPulse's easy categorization of fees helps you see how many times you spend small amounts repeatedly through the month. Most ATMs require as much as a $3 fee for you to get your own money. If you stop at the grocery store and get the money with the groceries you would have to buy anyway, you can save those fees. Do that all year long, and you'll have a little pile of cash. The details count - and BudgetPulse can show them to you.

Save your vacation money in a money market, and you'll get a slightly better interest rate. That higher rate of return over time can mean the difference between a luxury hotel and a hostel. Directly depositing the money from your paycheck or automatic transfer can ensure that that amount is routinely set aside without your having to think about it. BudgetPulse can help you track that amount and see your progress.

Pay before you go

Wouldn't it be nice to have the vacation paid for before you leave? No more piling up debt on credit cards and facing the shock when you return - ouch. If you plan and save for your vacations, even keeping a revolving vacation fund, you'll enjoy your vacations more and feel better about taking them.

With your vacation fund, you can pre-pay for your airline tickets and have the money available for hotels and other planned expenses. Knowing you can go on vacation and how much you have to spend takes all the guesswork out of how to pay for it when you return. And it takes all the "buyer's remorse" out of going on vacation.

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